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As we are facing the challenge of an unprecedented economic crisis, it is more important than ever to remind ourselves that light is stronger than darkness. SHINE was birthed in our friendship with Mariano Rivera and the New York Yankees in 2016 to bring hope to our communities. Our mission continues today as we bring the stories of our unsung heroes that will inspire our communities to rise again.

Light Shines Brighter In Dark Times

SHINE Heroes celebrates both local and national business leaders that are making positive impacts in our cities. Over the years, SHINE leadership awards program has recognized outstanding leadership and creativity in addressing issues of environmental, economic, and social responsibility.

Now we are continuing our mission by launching our first daily news podcast called SHINE ON, set to launch in 2Q this year. Our new podcast aims to bring the inspiring stories of our community heroes through our SHINE media network.


Introducing Our Chief Product Evangelist - Bret Coffman

We are thrilled to share that Bret Coffman has joined the Planled team as our Chief Product Evangelist! Bret is a technology pioneer and visionary who has over 30 years of experience in a variety of innovation roles within leading global organizations ranging from Broadcast Radio to Stadium Technology to Aerospace and as a technical process advisor for High Net Value global leaders.

A number of his initiatives have resulted in the transformation of entire industries. He focuses on the intersection of global business and emerging technologies. In particular, he specializes in helping Executive Leaders develop and deliver company changing Strategies that have a practical and measurable beneficial impact on humankind.

Bret was the driving force behind PlanLEDs first corporate HCL installation and has been a trusted advisor helping to develop features for the Epikos product line. He is leading our WFH HCL initiative to bring our award-winning workstation task lighting solutions to 1 Million of today's remote technology leaders within the next few years.