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The epikós Story

The Greek word "epikós" means epic. Dictionaries define epic as "pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which as series of significant achievements or events is narrated in elevated style." Our epikós series are designed to light up the life stages of our everyday heroes.

The Game Changing WFH Solution

epikós is designed to match the reflectance of the desk surface with the brightness of the monitor. By creating a visual balance, epikós creates an optimized lighting environment for all WFH applications.

Research Applied Design

epikós brings the culmination of 10 years of human centric research and development

  • Museum Grade Color Quality

    True to life color rendering of 90+ CRI creates more satisfying visual experiences

  • Mood Choices

    epikós offers customizable mood settings (warm/neutral/cool) with flexible density level

  • Extreme Energy Savings

    By bringing the light source closer to the workspace, epikós achieves over 70% savings

  • Size Replaces All

    epikós tackles a job of 2-3 desk lamps in one with its premium quality lighting in amount and quality 

epikós Collections

  • True to Life Color Rendering

    epikós illuminates personal workspaces with industry-leading 90 CRI color experience. Our museum grade color quality brings out your best look without harmful UV radiation.

  • Circadian Benefits

    epikós meets IWBI recommended EML standard, bringing daylight’s circadian benefits indoors. Flicker-free illumination of spectrally targeted lighting can achieve both short term and long term health and performance benefits.  

  • Lighting for Video Calls

    One of the design strategies is to improve the user’s webcam appearance during video calls. 90 CRI, uniform lighting will improve your presentation in all virtual meetings.

  • Lighting for Seniors

    By age 60, eyes need three times as much light to see as they did at age 20. epikós generates sufficient lighting for seniors as well as dimmed setting for younger users. Recognized as an ideal task light for seniors by the American Lighting Association, epikós brings ideal lighting environment for all age groups with the mission of improving productivity and long term health.  


"This is a game changer"

I completely agree with the claim that this is a "Human Centric" lighting product in the true sense of the term.