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epikós ES200 (White/Silver)

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epikós ES200 (White/Silver)

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Professional-grade workstation lighting system.

  • Three color temperature settings (cool-white, medium, warm-white)
  • Three dimming levels
  • 22W, 1500 lumen output at maximum setting
  • 32" wide, 40" high form factor provides uniform light across a wide desk area
  • Fluid adjustable arm for over-the-monitor positioning
  • 50,000 hours rated, 5 year limited warranty

Below are the changes from the E-100 model:

  • Motion sensor aimed at a downward angle to detect motion around the workspace
  • Vacancy sensing (manual-on, auto-off) and occupancy sensing (auto-on, auto-off) and no sensing (sensor disabled) modes available
  • Sharpen your focus and be gently reminded of time by hourly or bi-hourly blue boost (cool-white 100% light output for 10/20 minutes for every hour/every two hours)

To use as a standalone desk lamp instead of needing to clamp to the desk, please select the $15 base conversion kit accessory below.